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ANNOUNCEMENT: Effective September 2024 3G Network will cease to work. The transition is essential to make way for the advancement of the 4G and 5G networks, ensuring faster speeds, and better overall network performance. We've reached out to customers who we believe may have a device impacted by these changes. For more information, visit this link.

Create your own Family Bundle and save up to 15% on Mobile costs

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Family Bundle for 6 image

With our family bundle discounts, you can create a bundle that suits any family!

Create Your Own Bundle

Why it’s wonderful to be part of the Yomojo family

  • No lock-in contracts!

    Release yourself from running commitments with a fuss-free plan you can change each month.

  • Family bundles

    Create your family bundle by adding more services to your account and receive up to 15% off your total mobile bill! Manage all your services within one account from the Yomojo dashboard or mobile app.

  • Full control over plans

    Manage your account on the go through your mobile app, online dashboard and regular account notifications.

  • Worry-free payments

    Go from “bill-shock” to bill satisfaction with plans you can renew or top up easily, knowing your information is secure in our database.

  • Timely usage updates

    Get alerts on how much credit and data you have left until the next billing cycle to prevent unwanted charges.


There is a Yomojo SIM for all your devices

Image of New Yomojo SIM Card

With 4G high-speed connectivity in more places, you can now check your emails, share photos, play games, download stuff or just simply stay updated in a flash and on the go.

Use the SIM card in your mobile, your tablet, your USB dongle, or on a mobile broadband wifi router to share your data with family and friends.

Getting started is easy!


Simply choose your data based on what you use each month. Plans auto-renew every 30 days.


Order your Yomojo SIM and your SIM card will arrive within 1-5 business days


Activate your SIM online.

What if you run out of data?

You can quickly and easily add data to your plan via our
great value data bolt-ons.