How to save on mobile phone costs ALL year round…

Mobile costs when your kids get a little older is probably something you haven’t factored into your budget, but additional services doesn’t have to mean outrageous mobile costs. We’ve talked about the right time to get your child a mobile phone and this definitely varies from family to family, but cost shouldn’t be a deterrent.

The truth is, mobile’s for your kids CAN give you peace of mind – that instant ability to communicate & being able to reach your child makes the separation a little easier, but with multiple family members needing devices &  plans to go along with it, the costs can add up.

That is why Yomojo introduced Family Bundles into the equation this year – to make things a little more simplified and provide value for your family while you all stay connected.


What is a Family Bundle?

Did you know that if you and your significant other combine your SIM plans in one account, you automatically qualify for a discount of 5% at check out? A long with a our very competitive plans and every day low prices, adding your kids relevant plans to that equation will increase the discount of up to 15%.

Depending on which plans you get, this could lead to $290 savings a YEAR on mobile costs – add more, save more!

This becomes a really user friendly way to manage your mobile accounts – access all your plans from one easy to use dashboard  (or try the Yomojo app if you haven’t already)

The best part about our Family Bundles – the more SIM you have, the more you save…


How do you create your Family Bundle Discount?

Our process is easy. Either head over to our Family page to start creating your bundle or simply add more services through the normal check out process.

Good news for existing customers – log in to your dashboard, add additional services and your discount will automatically be applied!

You can see all our plans at or call  1300 966 656 to speak with our friendly customer service team.