3G or 4G. Is there really a difference?

3G, 4G (and coming soon 5G) is there really a difference? and should you really care? Well, that all depends…

If you are the type of person who can’t stay offline for long periods of time, then the differences between 3G and 4G have probably crossed your mind. You see your phone switch over from 3G to 4G and haven’t really noticed the difference.

Here is all your need to know in a nutshell:


  • The main difference without being too technical is speed—4G connections on average are 1.5 – 2.5 times faster than 3G, but don’t discount the latter
  • “G” stands for “generation,” and though 4G is more advanced and has a larger bandwidth, don’t call 3G obsolete yet because it is cheaper and you can still get pretty decent download speeds
  • If you’re not much of a multi-tasker online and can’t let go of that iPhone 5 from a few years ago (because let’s face it, it’s HARD to keep up) you’ll be happy to know that 3G also beats 4G when it comes to network coverage
  • If you’re in crowded place (think concerts or festivals) 3G may be the way to go – you won’t be competing with everyone else for bandwidth
  • There are telco’s that still don’t have 4G mobile towers installed in some rural areas so you might not get a choice.
  • 4G is the obvious choice for heavy viewing, downloading and uploading. It will be your best friend if you need superior, uninterrupted access to multiple apps and websites at a time, but 3G will often surprise you

If you are a massive tech head and need to keep up with the latest technology or iPhone release or the newest laptop and mobile device then your model is probably more compatible with 4G – but it comes with a downside – its superfast speed will consume more battery power and data so make sure you have your battery pack handy. And if you can’t stay off your phone all day and have NO wifi connection you can check out our MASSIVE 100GB 4G plans here

Choosing between these two G’s shouldn’t be that confusing because it all boils down to your browsing requirements, preferences and location.

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