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  • Boost your smartphone’s battery with this handy guide

    It’s no question that after a certain amount of time, your phone’s battery will begin to deplete. Just a few months ago it might have lasted an entire day or longer. But now? You look at your phone after just a few hours to find it’s in the dreaded red zone. It’s no conspiracy either – […]

  • The 5G Network: All your questions answered

    The world of smartphones and online activity is constantly developing – and it can be hard to keep up with the latest news and updates. Although, we know it’s important to for the sake of our kids and family. Thankfully, we have you covered. The newest trend soon to dominate our devices? The 5G Network. You […]

  • 5 tips for your child’s first smartphone

    At a certain age, we’re sure your kids will begin to nag you about one thing in particular: buying them a smartphone. Whether it’s already happened or you’re anxiously anticipating it, one thing’s for sure – it seems like a new necessity for children to own a smartphone. With the average child now receiving their first phone at the ripe age […]