Frequently Asked Questions

The Spacetalk Adventurer Watch has a 4G mobile phone built into the watch. Just like your phone, your child’s watch will need to connect to the Yomojo 4G network to use the calling, messaging and data features of the watch. Our Kids Plan includes 200 Mins talk & unlimited text (Standard numbers in Australia), and 1GB of data per 30 days. You can change the plan any time if you need more talk minutes or data.

The Spacetalk app is the control centre for your child’s Spacetalk Adventurer watch. It allows you to:

  • manage who contacts your child;
  • configure who they can contact;
  • setup SOS emergency contacts;
  • create distraction-free School Mode classroom periods;
  • and a host of other parent- and kid-friendly features on the watch.

The Spacetalk app is available for download to your phone from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Other platforms are currently not supported. Search for Spacetalk in either store.

Yes, it is possible to share management of Spacetalk Adventurer with multiple trusted people. No additional subscription is necessary for secondary managers if they are only using sharing.

Spacetalk Adventurer is rated as IP67 water and dust resistant. It has been tested submerged at a depth of 1m for 30mins. This rating means that Spacetalk Adventurer will be more tolerant to splashes, accidental submersion and rain. However, we do not recommend actively swimming, bathing or showering while wearing your Spacetalk Adventurer.

Parents and guardians can define classroom periods that make Spacetalk Adventurer distraction-free. When in School Mode, the watch is effectively just a watch, and other functions will be disabled. During School Mode, parents have complete control and can choose to selectively enable or disable features. For example, parents may choose to enable the step counter feature, while disabling the ability to make and receive calls. There is no risk of classroom distractions because Spacetalk Adventurer is silent in School Mode.

School Mode is a feature activated and simply configured via your Spacetalk app.

In your Spacetalk app, tap on the device on the map screen to reveal the pop up menu. Then tap 'Locate Me' and the Spacetalk app will start scanning for your child's GPS location. Soon, you'll have the most up-to-date location of your child.

Safe Zones are geographical areas that are setup using a map in the Spacetalk app. When your child arrives and leaves these Safe Zones, you can optionally turn on a notification that will be sent to your Spacetalk app.

There are very strict international standards which govern the amount of radiation exposure against defined limits. Australia is among 40 other countries that adopt high standards designed to reduce exposure to harmful radiation.

The actual test is called Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) and this rate needs to be below 2W/kg averaged over 20g body tissue for proximity to head and 4W/kg averaged of 20g of body tissue for wrist worn. The highest measurement when Spacetalk Adventurer was tested was 0.85 W/Kg for front of face, and 0.60 W/kg for wrist worn.

Spacetalk Adventurer displays this RCM mark in the Information menu under Regulatory Compliance section. As a publicly listed company, SPACETALK LTD has the responsibility to conduct very thorough due diligence on every product they create.

Visit for comprehensive information about your Spacetalk Adventurer, including detailed troubleshooting and support options.