1. Voice, SMS and Data Charges

All National & International Voice, SMS, MMS and Data will be charged as at the rates listed in our pricing tables below and are available on our website: www.yomojo.com.au

1.1 Voice Calls

When you make a call, we calculate the price between the time the call is answered and the time the call is terminated. We will charge in increments of 60 seconds, meaning that charges for a part of a minute call will be rounded up to a full minute and charged at our per minute rate. For example, if you make a 1min:44sec call, the charge will be calculated based on a 2min call.

We do not charge flag-fall for national & international calls made within Australia.

1.2 SMS and MMS

SMS messages will be charged per standard text message rate. Standard text messages hold up to 160 characters; this can vary depending on your mobile phone. If you use more than your limit of characters in one message you will be charged for separate text messages and standard rates apply. For example, 165 characters will be charged as two separate messages.

MMS will be charged per standard message rate. Receiving both MMS and SMS in Australia is free of charge.

1.3 Data Charges

A session of data is measured between the start and end of a transaction between your mobile and your Internet destination. This includes websites and applications for smartphones. Handsets operate in different ways; for example, one handset may view numerous websites / applications as one session, while another may view each individual website / application as a separate session. Irrespective of which way, you will be charged for the volume of data in the session.

For 4G services and 3G services, both uploads & downloads are counted towards data usage. Data is charged per KB (1 GB = 1024 MB, 1 MB = 1024 KB).

1.4 Yomojo Plans

Yomojo has numerous Plans on offer. These include bundled allowances of Voice, SMS, Data and possibly International Voice. Plans auto-renew every 30 days.

Allowances are ‘charged’ in the same manner as standard usage however rather than a monetary cost, the balance of the allowance will be deducted by the volume of usage. For example, if you make a 1min:44sec call, the voice allowance will be reduced by 2 minutes. For “unlimited” allowances, the volume or duration is not relevant.

2. International Roaming Charges

2.1 Overseas Voice, SMS, MMS, Data Charges

All outgoing & incoming Voice, SMS, MMS and web service Data usage while outside of Australia will be charged at international roaming rates from the country of origin to Australia. Flag fall (connection fee) and additional charges may apply while roaming, e.g. welcome SMS.

Roaming usage is not included in any plans and will be charged at the rates listed in Appendix 3. Roaming is turned OFF by default. It can be turned ON in your Account Settings.

Postpay customers may hit their credit limit while roaming, especially with data turned on. This is to protect you from overspend and eliminate bill shock. Once your credit limit is reached, you will no longer be able to use your service. It may take several months for all roaming charges to appear on your bill. Postpay customers may hit their credit limit while roaming, especially with data turned on. This is to protect you from overspend and eliminate bill shock. Once your credit limit is reached, you will no longer be able to use your service. It may take several months for all roaming charges to appear on your bill.

2.2 Using Voicemail Overseas

To access your Voicemail from overseas, please contact us.

2.3 Voicemail Charges when Roaming

Access to Voicemail while outside of Australia will be charged at international roaming rates from the country of origin to Australia.

  • Zone 1 - $2.20
  • Zone 2 - $3.20
  • Zone 3 - $4.20
  • Zone 4 - $5.20
  • Zone 5 - $6.20
Each zone also has a Flag fall charge of 35c.

Important Roaming Notes:
Roaming is expensive – please be aware of our roaming rates below or on our website prior to leaving Australia and turning roaming on. Yomojo and our network provider Optus makes no guarantee regarding the availability and quality of coverage or any other services while roaming on 3rd party networks.

3. Additional Charges

3.1 Premium Number

You may wish to choose a number that is easy to remember, for example triple or more digits (777), or 4 sequential digits (1234). This option requires a small fee upon a request of number.

Premium Number Fee: $30.00 Per Number

3.2 Changing Your Number

There are a few reasons why people might want to change their mobile number e.g. offensive or harassing messages/calls.

If you report your issue to a relevant law enforcement agency, we will change your number free of charge. In other circumstances we will charge for this process.

Fee to change your number: $20 Per Event

3.3 Debit & Credit Card Transaction Fee

A transaction fee will be applied to all payments made using a credit or debit card. This includes any upfront payments, top-ups, monthly bill payments and any additional charges incurred. It is calculated as a percentage of the total amount due per transaction.

Credit/Debit Card Fee Charged per transaction: American Express 3%, Other cards 2%.

3.4 Late Payment Charges

When your bill has been generated, we will attempt to take a payment within 4 days. If we do not receive a payment from within this time, your service may be suspended until the outstanding charge has been paid.

We may charge a late payment fee if an invoice remains outstanding.

Late Payment Charge: $15.00 Per Event

3.5 Collecting Agent Charges

There may be cases where we need to pair with an agent or debt collecting agency if you have an outstanding bill for a long period of time. The fees which we incur in this process may be added to your bill.

Collecting Agent Charge: $varies

3.6 SIM Card Replacement

In the case of a lost, damaged or stolen phone, you can request a new SIM card. This will cancel your old SIM. No charges will be made to your account for a replacement SIM.

Replacement SIM Card: Free

3.7 Billing History

Your billing history can be accessed at any point via your Yomojo Dashboard. If you wish to request information dated up to six years before, you can do so by contacting us.

Billing History Fee: $30.00 Per Event

3.8 FaceTime, iMessage & Apple Charges
  • 3.8.1 FaceTime / iMessage

    As many of our customers will know, FaceTime video calls/iMessages can be made through the iPhone through Data usage or when connected to a Wi-Fi modem. For first time users your device must send an international SMS to Apple as part of the registration process. This applies every time you deactivate and re-activate FaceTime / iMessage on your iPhone / iPad.

    These services can be switched on and off through your device settings.

    FaceTime / iMessage Registration Fee: The applicable international rate.

  • 3.8.2 Apple Charges:

    Other Apple Services which require international SMS registration will incur a fee applicable to the international rate.

Appendix 1: Pricing Table

Call Type / Services Pay As You Go (incl GST)
National Mobile 11c / min
National Fixed Line 11c / min
Flagfall None
International Voice See Appendix 2
International Flagfall None
International Roaming See Appendix 3
National SMS 9c / each
International SMS 35c / each
National MMS 50c / each
International MMS 90c / each
Premium SMS Dependent on 3rd party charges
Data 5c / MB
1800 Numbers Free
13 Numbers 30c / min
19 Numbers Barred
Sim Card (upfront) $2
Credit Duration 90 Days
Voicemail Retrieval 15c / min
Call Diversion Standard Rate 55c / min
Video Calls 50c / min
International Video Calls $2.50 / min
Video Call Flagfall (Nat & Int) 60c / min
Replacement SIM Free
Directory Assistance 15c/min + $1.50 Flagfall

Includes standard national SMS & MMS within Australia and standard voice calls to national fixed line and mobile numbers, 13 numbers and voicemail within Australia. All 1800 numbers are free and won’t be deducted from Voice minutes. Get FREE Bonus minutes to Yomojo friends with every plan. Fair Use Policy applies to all Plans.

Mobile Broadband  
3GB Data 15GB Data 50GB Data 70GB Data
Monthly Rate (incl GST) $15.90 $45.90 $69.90 $85.90

Data Bolt-ons 1GB 2GB      
Rate (incl GST) $11 $20      

Must be added to an existing plan data allowance and expires with that plan. Includes standard data usage within Australia.

International Voice Packs 50 mins 100 mins 200 mins 300 mins
Monthly Rate (incl GST) $5 $10 $20 $30

Includes standard voice calls to international fixed line and mobile numbers to selected countries

Countries included are:
Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Africa
South Korea

Family Bundles          
Number of Services 2 3 4 5 6
Plan Discount 5% 7.5% 10% 12.5% 15%

Appendix 2: International Rates Table

International Fixed Line & Mobile Calling Rates / per minute (incl. GST)

Afghanistan $1.00
Albania $1.50
Algeria $2.00
American Samoa $0.30
Andorra $0.80
Angola $0.40
Anguilla $0.80
Antarctica $5.49
Antigua & Barbuda $0.50
Argentina $0.50
Armenia $0.60
Aruba $1.00
Ascension Island $5.49
Austria $0.99
Azerbaijan Republic $1.50
Bahamas $0.80
Bahrain $0.30
Bangladesh $0.30
Barbados $0.80
Belarus $1.00
Belgium $0.40
Belize $1.00
Benin $1.00
Bermuda $0.30
Bhutan $0.40
Bolivia $0.60
Bosnia & Herzegovina $1.50
Botswana $1.00
Brazil $0.40
Brunei $0.20
Bulgaria $2.00
Burkina Faso $1.50
Burundi $1.89
Cambodia $0.30
Cameroon $1.00
Canada $0.20
Cape Verde $1.50
Cayman Islands $0.60
Central African Republic $1.50
Chad $1.50
Chile $0.20
China $0.20
Colombia $0.40
Comoros Island $2.00
Congo $2.00
Cook Islands $3.00
Costa Rica $0.30
Croatia $0.80
Cuba $3.00
Cyprus $0.30
Czech Republic $0.40
Denmark $0.60
Diego Garcia $3.00
Djibouti $1.50
Dominica Islands $0.80
Dominican Republic $0.40
East Timor $2.00
Ecuador $1.00
Egypt $0.40
El Salvador $0.60
Equatorial Guinea $1.89
Eritrea $1.00
Estonia $1.50
Ethiopia $1.00
Faeroe Islands $0.80
Falkland Islands $3.00
Fiji $1.50
Finland $0.40
France $0.40
French Polynesia $1.50
FYR Macedonia $2.00
Gabonese Republic $2.00
Gambia $2.00
Georgia $0.99
Germany $0.40
Ghana $0.80
Gibraltar $1.00
Greece $0.50
Greenland $2.00
Grenada $1.00
Guadeloupe $0.40
Guam $0.20
Guantanamo Bay $2.00
Guatemala $0.50
Guiana French $0.50
Guinea Bissau $2.00
Guinea Republic $2.00
Guyana $1.50
Haiti $1.50
Honduras $0.60
Hong Kong $0.20
Hungary $0.30
Iceland $0.40
India $0.20
Indonesia $0.30
Iran $0.40
Iraq $0.50
Ireland $0.50
Israel $0.30
Italy $0.50
Ivory Coast $1.50
Jamaica $1.00
Japan $0.60
Jordan $0.50
Kazakhstan $0.40
Kenya $0.40
Kiribati $5.49
North Korea $2.00
South Korea $0.30
Kuwait $0.30
Kyrgyzstan $0.50
Laos $0.20
Latvia $5.49
Lebanon $0.60
Lesotho $1.00
Liberia $2.00
Libya $2.00
Liechtenstein $1.50
Lithuania $1.89
Luxembourg $0.80
Macau $0.30
Madagascar $5.49
Malawi $0.99
Malaysia $0.20
Maldives $2.00
Mali $1.50
Malta $0.40
Mariana Island $0.20
Marshall Islands $1.00
Martinique $0.40
Mauritania $2.00
Mauritius $0.50
Mexico $0.30
Micronesia $1.89
Moldova $1.00
Monaco $1.50
Mongolia $0.30
Montenegro $1.50
Montserrat $2.00
Morocco $2.00
Mozambique $1.00
Myanmar $1.50
Nakhodka $0.30
Namibia $0.60
Nauru $3.00
Nepal $0.50
Netherland $0.40
Netherland Antilles $0.50
New Caledonia $0.60
New Zealand $0.30
Nicaragua $1.00
Niger $0.80
Nigeria $0.40
Niue Island $5.49
Norfolk Island $3.00
Norway $0.50
Oman $1.50
Pakistan $0.20
Palau $1.89
Palestine $2.00
Panama $0.55
Papua New Guinea $2.00
Paraguay $0.50
Peru $0.50
Philippines $0.60
Poland $0.50
Portugal $1.89
Puerto Rico $0.20
Qatar $0.80
Republic of Moldova $0.80
Reunion $1.50
Romania $0.40
Russia $0.55
Rwanda $0.99
San Marino $3.69
Sao Tome & Principe $5.49
Saudi Arabia $0.50
Senegal $2.00
Seychelles $1.50
Sierra Leone $2.00
Singapore $0.20
Slovakia $0.60
Slovenia $2.00
Solomon Islands $3.00
Somalia $2.00
South Africa $0.50
South Sudan $2.00
Spain $0.40
Sri Lanka $0.50
St Helena $3.00
St Kitts & Nevis $0.80
St Lucia $1.00
St Pierre & Miquelon $1.89
St Vincent & Bequia $0.99
Sudan $0.60
Surinam $0.99
Swaziland $0.60
Sweden $0.30
Switzerland $1.00
Syria $0.60
Taiwan $0.40
Tajikistan $0.50
Tanzania $1.00
Thailand $0.20
Thuraya $2.00
Togolese Republic $2.00
Tokelau $5.49
Tonga $2.00
Trinidad &Tobago $0.60
Tunisia $2.00
Turkey $0.50
Turkmenistan $0.40
Turks & Caicos Islands $1.00
Tuvalu $5.49
Uganda $0.99
United Kingdom $0.30
Ukraine $1.89
United Arab Emirates $0.80
Uruguay $0.60
USA $0.20
Uzbekistan $0.30
Vatican City $0.50
Vanuatu $2.00
Venezuela $0.30
Vietnam $0.30
Virgin Islands (Br) $1.89
Virgin Islands (US) $0.20
Wallis & Futuna $2.00
Western Samoa $2.00
Yemen Republic $0.60
Yugoslavia (Serbia) $1.50
Zaire $1.50
Zambia $1.89
Zimbabwe $2.00

Appendix 3: International Roaming Rates

  Zone 1 countries Zone 2 countries Zone 3 countries
Receiving a voice call $1.00 /min $2.00 /min $4.00 / min
Call within country you're in $1.00 /min $2.00 /min $4.00 / min
International voice call from country you're in $1.00 /min $2.00 /min $4.00 / min
Flagfall (on all incoming & outgoing calls) 0.00 / per call 0.00 / per call 0.00 / per call
Send SMS or MMS 0.50c /each $1.00 / each $1.00 / each
Data Roaming (per 10kb session) $0.005 $0.01 $0.155
Flagfall (per data session) $0.00 $0.00 $0.00

Countries available for Prepaid Mobile roaming

Zone 1 countries Zone 2 countries Zone 3 countries
Afghanistan Anguilla Aeroplane
Albania Antigua and Barbuda Aerospace
Armenia Argentina Airplane
Austria Aruba Airspace
Azerbaijan Barbados Cruise
Bangladesh Bermuda Inflight
Belgium Brazil Maritime
Brunei British Virgin Islands Sea
Bulgaria Burkina Faso Ships
Cambodia Cameroon  
Canada Cayman Islands  
Canary Islands Chile  
China Colombia  
Croatia Costa Rica  
Cyprus Dominica  
Czech Republic Egypt  
Denmark Gambia  
Estonia Ghana  
Finland Grenada  
France Haiti  
French Polynesia Israel  
Germany Jamaica  
Greece Jordan  
Hawaii Kenya  
Hongkong Lebanon  
Hungary Mauritius  
Iceland Mexico  
India Montserrat  
Indonesia Morocco  
Ireland Nigeria  
Isle of Man Oman  
Italy Panama  
Japan Peru  
Jersey Qatar  
Kazakhstan Saudi Arabia  
Korea South South Africa  
Latvia St. Kitts and Nevis  
Lithuania St. Lucia  
Luxembourg St. Vincent and the Grenadines  
Macau Turks and Caicos  
Macedonia United Arab Emirates  
Malaysia Uruguay  
Malta Vietnam  
Montenegro* From 31/07/17    
New Zealand    
Papua New Guinea    
Puerto Rico    
Solomon Islands    
South Korea    
Sri Lanka    
United Kingdom    
United States of America    
US Virgin Islands    

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