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  • TikTok: What parents need to know

    If your kids and teens aren’t using TikTok or haven’t mentioned it yet, you can count yourself lucky as a parent. Gaining international popularity last year, TikTok took over the world and became one of the most widely-used social media apps for people under 18. The app was formerly known as Musical.ly and recently merged with […]

  • Social media: The importance of privacy settings

    Teens of today have a very high aptitude for the internet and social media – and why shouldn’t they? They’ve been raised with it, and online demographics will only become more common in the future. The number of teenagers in Australia who use social media is equally imposing. Did you know that 75% of teens use Facebook and 70% […]

  • Is YouTube really appropriate for your kids?

    We get it – YouTube can be such a helpful companion in times where your child needs some quick and easy entertainment in almost any situation. Simply open the app, search for a topic your child is interested in, and viola! We won’t lie – we’ve done it ourselves on numerous occasions. However, with the rise of […]

  • Together for a Better Internet: Safer Internet Day

    It’s February 5: Safer Internet Day 2019! As proud supporters of this cause, we’re hoping to spread the word on how to make the internet a safer and more enjoyable place for everyone to explore. You can learn more about Safer Internet Day and what it is here. This year’s theme for Safer Internet Day is […]

  • 5 tips for your child’s first smartphone

    At a certain age, we’re sure your kids will begin to nag you about one thing in particular: buying them a smartphone. Whether it’s already happened or you’re anxiously anticipating it, one thing’s for sure – it seems like a new necessity for children to own a smartphone. With the average child now receiving their first phone at the ripe age […]

  • The dark side of the internet: how to stay safe

    Ok, so our online utopia might be about online communities that are cushioned with bright and bubbly websites & connecting people from all over the globe, but the sad truth is, the internet can be a pretty dark place… if you know where to look. While on the surface the web and social media are about connectivity, the internet […]