Powerful Monitoring to Keep your Kids Safe


Manage your child’s social media usage, as well as control purchases and downloads

  • Manage use of social apps and in-app purchasing
  • Prevent camera and video usage
  • Remove adult content and ensure safe browsing


Make the internet a safer place for your child, by seeing which sites or apps they have tried to access

  • Manage Screen time
  • Understand your child's web behaviour
  • Get family usage reports and alerts


Go the extra mile in ensuring your child’s whereabouts and safety outside of the home with precise location and live updates.

  • Create “Safe Zones”
  • Get alerts when your child enters or leaves the zone
  • Track current location


You want peace of mind when they're online. Feel confident your child is using the internet for healthy communication and information.

  • Allow your child to use the internet safely
  • Eliminate the need to “check-in” with parents
  • Open the conversation on appropriate websites and apps

Keeping Your Family Safe on the Internet
has Never Been Easier

FREE for the first month

(Normally $5/month per child)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yomojo FamilyEye is a parental control solution that allows smarter parenting by monitoring and managing your children’s activities straight from your mobile phone.
The FamilyEye app safely controls your child’s device by blocking access to inappropriate internet content and tracks their whereabouts. Parents can customise the rules online or through the FamilyEye app using a “Parent” login.
Parents can monitor and manage the following:
  • Web Safety. Keep your child safe online. Set the rules on which websites your children can access and keep them away from inappropriate internet content.
  • App Safety. Block apps and games you don’t want to be running on your kids’ devices.
  • Device Safety. Control the camera feature on your child’s device.
  • Location Tracking. Track their whereabouts and receive notifications when your child leaves or enters a safe area.
  • Screen time usage - this feature is coming soon
  • Bedtime - this feature is coming soon
The Web Safety feature allows parents to ensure that children access appropriate internet content as configured by the parent. Websites are sorted into different web content categories to which access can be allowed or blocked. For a more precise security, parents can also allow or block specific websites only. All these can be done through the Yomojo FamilyEye Dashboard.
The Location Tracking allows parents to check their child’s current location and track their location history to know everything about their whereabouts. Parents will also be able to define places where they’ll get notification if their child enters or leaves those places.

For example, if your child says he’s been to a friend’s house, you can check his/her location history.

Please note that location tracking only works when the profile is in the “child mode”.

The Family app needs to be running and logged in as a child and it is that child’s location that gets tracked/reported. If the child selects “I’m finished using this device” the app will continue to track and make the location available of the last logged in child.
Alert Zones are more commonly known as Geo-fence which are areas defined by users. This place can be your home, your child’s school or a place you consider dangerous. By defining these places, you’ll instantly get notifications when your child enters or leaves those areas. You can add as many Alert Zones as you like on the Yomojo Eye Dashboard by simply entering the address or the name of the establishment that you want to save.
Yes if your child is using your device, you can log them in to their profile.

If you don’t have a service with Yomojo sign up online for FamilyEye, by hitting the “sign up now” button. You will be able to add additional child profiles in the check-out process. Once you’ve checked out, login to your Yomojo Dashboard to customize your child’s profile. You can then download the app on the device you want to protect!

For existing Yomojo customers, go to your Yomojo Mobile Dashboard, click on Add Service and select New FamilyEye Profile. You will then be taken through a wizard to customise your children’s profiles. You can then download the app on the device you want to protect!

Email, chat online or call our Customer Service team on 1300 966 656 for assistance in signing up!
For each child profile you create it will be $5 per month until cancelled.

Get optimal internet safety for your
kids in 3 easy steps:


Add as many Child Profiles as you need for your family


Log in to your Yomojo Dashboard and customize your children’s profiles


Download the app on the devices you want to protect and you’re all set to go!

For Existing Customers, head straight to your Yomojo Dashboard and add your FamilyEye profiles!

Email, chat online or call our Customer Service team on 1300 966 656 for assistance in signing up!